Posted by: howardnevision | October 16, 2009

Cantor Howard Nevison, The Life of an Opera Singer, Cantor & Teacher

Cantor Howard Nevison, The Life of an Opera Singer, Cantor & Teacher

Welcome to the Howard Nevison blog. We invite you to learn more about Howard Nevison and his life as an Opera Singer, Cantor & Teacher. Here is our first post for you to enjoy.

Howard Nevison’s secret to juggling three careers as a Cantor, Opera Singer & Teacher.  


As a graduate of the Curtis Institute I became a well rounded musician and fell in love with singing opera.  I was fortunate enough to be raised by two grandfathers’ who were both Cantors. That enabled me to sing opera and read music before I learned my ABC’s.

Teaching voice and repertoire has been an extension of my life’s work as a cantor and opera singer. To help mold young talented people who want to be a cantor, opera singer or teach has been a very gratifying experience.  

Here are Cantor Howard Nevison’s three secrets to juggling a multi-fascinated career as a Cantor, Opera Singer and Teacher:

#1. Dedication to working to maintain the highest quality of teaching and performance.

#2.  A commitment to hard work with a positive attitude and not allowing disappointments to take you off the path.

#3.  A love for all music and the profession.

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