Posted by: howardnevision | November 25, 2009

Howard Nevison The Opera Singer Performs As Marcello in La Boheme

Howard Nevison Opera Singer sang in many operas during his career. Of all the operas that he sang none of them could equal his performances as Marcello in La Boheme. Over his distinguished career Howard Nevison Opera Singer was heard in the role of Marcello in La Boheme in 63 performances. “Although Puccini never wrote an aria for Marcello it was still one of my favorite rolls”. “I fell in love with the character, his loyal support to the other Bohemians’, his sympathetic friendship to the lovers Mimi and Rudolfo and the beautiful music so sensitively composed by Giacomo Puccini”.
Without a doubt Puccinis’ La Boheme is probably the most famous and most performed Italian opera of the 20th century. When Puccini got the idea to write his Boheme he realized that Ruggero Leoncavallo had composed it years before. As a young student he approached Leoncavallo and ask permission from the Maestro if he could borrow the story and write his on version. Well the rest is history. The Leoncavallo Boheme is rarely heard. In many ways the Puccini score is probably one of the finest operas ever composed. “Several years ago I was engaged to sing in the Leoncavallo version in a New York premier. It was a succesful performance but it could not compare to the Puccini”. “Even though I sang Marcello so often I always found something new in each production.

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