Opera Singer

Howard Nevison – The Opera Singer

Howard Nevison (Former Cantor of Temple Emanu-El) performed many operatic roles during his career as an opera singer. Howard Nevison’s operatic appearances include performances with the Philadelphia Grand Opera, Rittenhouse Opera Society (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Pittsburgh Opera, New York City Opera and the Israel National Opera.

As the leading baritone in Israel, Howard Nevison sang a record number of 95 performances within 10- months. Israeli opera singers typically perform between 1-2 times each month, of the 10 months, out of the year which makes Howard Nevison’s record performance of singing 2-3 operas a week simply astonishing.

Howard Nevison Singing in Israel at the Opera Cavalleria RusticanaHoward Nevison Singing in Israel  Cavalleria Rusticana

Howard Nevison – 95 Opera  Performances In Israel Include:


RIGOLETTO                                   15

LA BOHEME                                    8

LA TRAVIATA                                  8  (DEBUT)

IL TABARRO                                    7

ROMEO & JULIET                          21  (SEASON PREMIERE)

MADAMA BUTTERFLY                   15



Being part of a repertoire company in Israel was an extremely important aspect of Howard Nevison’s career. The opportunity to sing many operatic roles often was key. “By the time I sang my sixth performance of Rigoletto I knew how to sing it . Pacing was the key,” says Nevison.

It is rare for an opera singer to have the opportunity to perform and sing in the same role so many times in one year. The operas in Israel that Howard Nevison performed in were held mainly in Tel Aviv however Nevison also toured throughout Israel performing in Haifa, Jerusalem, Bat Sheva and Nazareth. All of the operas were very well attended. The audience was very knowledgeable because Israelis came from all parts of Europe where opera was a very important art form. Indeed the experience in Israel for Howard Nevison, the Opera Singer, was a very important part of his success in opera and played a pivoting role in his ability to continue as a cantor and teacher of song.

For a brief preview of Howard Nevison’s grand performances and the well respected figureheads he has met and sung with during his career visit the Howard Nevison Photo Gallery.



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