Howard Nevison – The Teacher

Howard Nevison’s career as a teacher taught him that in order to give your pupils the proper direction it is imperative that you engage with them closely and explain the realities and  pitfalls of pursuing an operatic career.

Howard Nevison the Teacher has built voices using the proper vocal technique and encouraged students to follow his lead and guidance. Nevison notes that pupils who have naturally fine voices tend to be lazy, where as those who are less talented are often more dedicated.

Howard-Nevison-The-TeacherHoward Nevison – The Teacher with former Mayor Of New York Abraham Beame (1974 to 1977)

My experience in Israel taught me one very important lesson, claims Howard Nevison. “The ability to pace oneself on stage is extremely important and I have tried to instill this idea with my students.” By encouraging my students to get as much experience on stage as possible this ensures an opportunity to sing before an audience and enables the students to gain stage confidence and expand their vocal chords.

Nevison ardently believes that you can be the best studio singer but until you begin to move and sing onstage you will not be able to fully develop your voice and wholeheartedly embrace the character you are performing as whether in an Opera or Theatre. Nevison tells all of his students, “he can help set the groundwork but they have to drive the engine.”

Preparing for auditions with his students is a very important aspect of Howard Nevison’s teaching career. Finding just the right repertoire, for each voice, can be difficult and challenging at times. There are times when the personality of the singer can help determine the right arias to audition.

Howard Nevison is proud to mention that he has several of his pupils singing in opera houses in Europe and that this is a result of his career as a teacher. Nevison expresses great admiration to them for this accomplishment.

Howard Nevison believes helping young people with their vocal careers is one of the most gratifying and wonderful ways to pave the road for an Operatic or Cantorial teacher’s life’s work.

“It is like molding a piece of clay into a work of art.”


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